This hotel’s history dates back to 500 years ago and, from being a monastery, it has now become a prestigious hotel

The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition, also called Sant’Uffizio, was created in 1542 by Pope Paul III who proclaimed the Licet ab initio Apostolic Constitution. It corresponds to the old Inquisition and is named Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

This ancient house in the heart of Monferrato is surrounded by vineyards and pretty red brick villages, tucked away in the green hills all around. These places evoke sixteenth century atmospheres, when the guesthouse was a monastery and belonged to the Inquisition tribunals, venue of the Dominican Inquisitor of Casale, that depended directly on the Roman Catholic Church.

This is where the Dominicans, who defended the strict rules of the ecclesiastical tribunal, used to grow silkworms and produce a very good wine for Mass. It was so nice in fact, that the Franciscans, who were owners of three convents near Moncalvo, were jealous of them.

Apart from this, its history is similar to that of other properties of the clergy. Dismembered by Napoleon, who conquered Monferrato after the battle of Marengo in which the Austrians were defeated, the property was returned to its legitimate owners and became a farming estate. It was then abandoned again but came back to life in the eighties when it was one of the most highly-rated restaurants in Piedmont, famous for its white truffles and selection of wines, among the best in the region, including Barbera and Barolo.

In September 2012 came the opening of the new SPA AQUANATURA. After taking just over one year to renovate the new SPA, the hotel changed its name from Locanda del Sant'Uffizio to RELAIS SANT'UFFIZIO WELLNESS Hotel & SPA.

The Relais Sant’Uffizio never stopped. The renovation of the historic restaurant of Cioccaro began in June 2014, ending with the opening in May 2015 of an additional dependence with 13 new rooms, meeting room and panoramic terrace - all surrounded by nature.

The newly renovated hotel offers an elegant environment that will strike you through harmony and refinement. Our careful and discreet hospitality will make you feel at home while you enjoy a relaxing vacation in nature.

After an accurate restauration, the seventeenth-century Relais Sant'Uffizio has once again found its ancient shine. All the rooms and suite of the hotel have been elegantly restored, recovering the nineteenth-century frescos, the marian icons and the ancient cells of the monks of the convent.

These 54 extraordinary rooms and suites are elegantly furnished and endowed with all necessary comforts. They include the Garden and Romantik rooms with swimming pool out front, the Junior Suites and classic Suites in the heart of the hotel, plus the Mansards that lean out over the marvellous countryside views surrounding the Relais Sant'Uffizio Wellness Hotel & SPA, this fine wellness hotel in the Langhe and in the Monferrato area.

Many of these characteristics have made this wellness hotel in Piedmont known all over the world. A wellness hotel of charm and luxury in beautiful Piedmont is perfect to spend a vacation or a romantic weekend in comfort and style.