Open the Autumn with a Plate of Tradition

RSU Autumn Gourmet Program

“On the sun that passes the colors to the earth,
the dance of a beautiful leaf that falls in the rope ... and it is autumn”.

For travelers interested in heading to Piedmont in September through to November, we launched a RSU Autumn Gourmet Program. The program is directed towards the foodies and luxury lovers eager to enjoy a successful evening with our highly skilled chef preparing gourmet meals on September 27, October 13 and November 3.

The program includes three scheduled events which focus on crispy Piedmont mixed fried, traditional Piedmont food, wine tasting as well as the perfect blend between a fish menu and the champagnes.

Menu includes:

• September 27 (Wednesday at 20:00):
Piedmont Mixed Fried - €40.00 per person, beverage excluded

• October 13 (Friday at 20:00):
Dinner Traditional Days and the Cantina Accorneo - €70.00 per person

• November 3 (Friday at 20:00):
Sea Emotion Dinner with Champagne Pommery Tasting - €120.00 per person

Booking in advance is required: or 0141.916.292

Autumn Program Menu September 27 Menu October 13 Menu November 3