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Offers And Experiences For You And Your Guest

Make your time in Piedmont unforgettable with these exclusive offers and experiences, available to guests of the Relais Sant'Uffizio and Casa Munfrà by Sant'Uffizio. This elegant luxury hotel, and its modern extension the Munfrà, offer both value and style. Packages range from a single night or more. Add some fun to your visit with our carefully selected local experiences, including tours and wine tasting trips. You can customize your visit and make it perfect for you and your guests.





Hire an E-Bike at Relais Sant’Uffizio

Tours And Trips In Piedmont For Visitors

Enjoy a relaxing biking experience that is suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. The E-Bike hire service lets you explore Piedmont’s beautiful countryside at your own pace, assisted by the electronic bicycle that makes cycling a breeze. Arrange a private tour with your own guide, or do it yourself with a GPS system that helps you stay on the right path. Bikes are available to hire all year round, while a tour guide must be reserved in advance and an extra fee will be charged for the service.